Bespoke Design Service

"A bespoke humidor is the ultimate lifestyle choice for a cigar connoisseur. Choosing a bespoke design opens up a wealth of design and scale possibility.

"This is a special process. The client will see their vision come to life through every step of the project."

- Neal Jones -



Many clients have a good idea of what they're looking for when they first engage with us, but just as many arrive with an open mind and no firm thoughts on how the finished piece should look and function.

The initial role of our designers is to help you develop your vision, regardless of how far along you are. Under their guidance, you'll begin to define size, style, materials, technology, functionality and finishes. You'll be able to utilise our extensive library of photographs, renders and drawings, and work with our collection of sample timbers and materials.

During this stage, your designer will begin to produce initial drawings and renders, based on your preferences and choices. We are also able to work with an interior designer on the client's behalf or include both the designer and client in the process.

Bespoke Fitted Humidor From Neal Jones F
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Your designer will build on everything learned during the Vision stage, developing the initial drawings into fully realised plans and renderings. It is in this stage that you will start to see your commission really come to life.

During this stage, once you've approved the final designs, we will also select and appoint the most qualified artisans to create your commission, finalise the project timeline and start to select the most interesting and attractive cuts of timber.


You will be assigned a project manager who will personally oversee the construction, delivery and installation of your commission, providing comprehensive updates as the commission progresses and acting as a single point of contact for both the client and, where applicable, an interior designer.



Your commission will now be handed over to artisans for construction.


Depending on the construction techniques required to complete your project (for example, if hand casting, water gilding or a similar specialist technique is planned) then we may appoint more than one workshop in order to achieve the best possible quality and work with specialists.

You project manager will personally oversee this stage, providing reports and photographs throughout the process.


Delivery & Installation

This is the final stage before your new humidor will be ready to house your collection.

When your commission is ready to be released from the workshop and has been checked and signed-off by your project manager, it will be carefully packaged for transport and delivery.

Where installation is required, your project manager will coordinate with you (or your interior designer) and oversee the process. 



Delivery and installation is not the end of your journey.


All Neal Jones humidors are eligible for a one year health check, to ensure that your humidor is working as expected. We also offer a comprehensive aftercare package which includes servicing, remote monitoring, emergency support and back-up cigar storage in the event that your cigar collection needs temporary storage.


Workshops & Artisans

The very best specialists and artisans in Britain are rarely found under one workshop roof.

Neal Jones works with only the best artisans on a per project basis and often designs using techniques which require very specific specialisms. For this reason, we have chosen not to rely on an in-house workshop and instead outsource to a portfolio of trusted artisans and workshops specialising in a wide range of fields. This approach also allows for more efficient scheduling, often allowing us to complete commissions on a shorter timeline and protecting us from economic fluctuations.

When preparing a project for construction, we will first assign any aspects which require a rare or specialist approach, such as hand-cast handles, water gilding or hand-carved panels. 

Over 20 years, Neal Jones has diligently built relationships with reliable, high quality workshops in order to achieve the best possible results for our clients.



Commissioning a bespoke humidor is the ultimate lifestyle choice for a serious cigar collector. 

All commissions begin with an exploratory conversation. If you're ready to add a walk-in or cabinet humidor to your home or yacht, or to move on from stock personal humidors, we encourage you to get in touch and talk with one of our designers.

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