Humidor 2 From Neal Jones Furniture Ltdb

Humidor Grande

Humidor Grande is a stylish humidor cabinet designed for use on a superyacht.

Shown here in hand dyed bookmatched sycamore with a base, top and inlaid detailing in hand gilded 22 carat moon or champagne gold. The doors fold as they open, to make the floorspace required by the cabinet more conservative. The cabinet sits on a 316 grade polished stainless steel plinth with concealed integrated deck fixings, to safely secure the cabinet and prevent movement.

The cabinet provides storage and protection for up to 1,200 cigars in handmade Belizean Spanish cedar cigar trays. Glide out shelves hold two trays apiece and feature lozenge shaped holes in the base to help promote air circulation and moisture control, which match up with holes in the bottom of each tray.

The interior of the humidor cabinet is discreetly lit with strategically placed LEDs, to help showcase the cigar collection inside when the doors are opened. In addition to a balanced interior with built in void space to aid climate stability, the humidor cabinet has sealed doors and state-of-the-art humidification and monitoring technology to protect and nurture a cigar collection in a harsher marine environment.


  • ​Shown in Ocean Storm Blue, hand dyed bookmatched Sycamore

  • Detailing inlaid in hand gilded 22 carat moon or Champagne gold

  • Holds up to 1,200 cigars

  • Interior in finest Spanish Cedar with discreet LED lighting and sealed folding doors

  • Built in state of the art dehumidifier

  • Situated on a 316 marine grade stainless steel plinth with integrated deck fixings concealed beneath

  • Customisation available

​Humidor Grande is designed to be flexible in dimensions, fitting the space you have available. Standard dimensions can be provided, otherwise your designer will work with you to ensure the dimensions best fit your space.

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Humidor 2 From Neal Jones Furniture Ltdb
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Humidor 2 From Neal Jones Furniture Ltdb
A Bespoke Pair of Humidors by Neal Jones