Luxury Executive Chair

Designed for comfort and convenience, this luxury executive chair puts a secret and fully securable selection of cigars within arm’s reach.

The chair includes three integrated walnut and suede lined compartments: two in the back and a hidden drawer in the base accessible at the front. Biometric access can be added to the hidden drawer for an additional layer of security. The base drawer has a compact built-in humidor and additional space for accessories.

The chair is exceptionally comfortable, with an ergonomic design and adjustable height / tilt. The under-shell is lightweight, durable and hand formed. The central column is nickel-plated and terminates on four splayed legs for stability, with the option of feet or glides.

The shell is upholstered in the finest soft leather, cut and shaped by hand, and hand stitched in contrasting thread to luxury standard. The chair is available in a range of colours, the most popular of which are white, sable, charcoal, chocolate, navy and crimson.

Standard Features

  • Shown in leather with contrasting stitching, nickel, suede & walnut

  • Compartments in the back and a concealed compartment in the front

  • Made using sustainably sourced timbers

  • Customisation available

Optional Extras

  • Embedded bluetooth speakers

  • Fingerprint security access for front compartment, including humidor

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NJF Executive chair pale_v3 Open_Front L
NJF Executive chair pale_v3 Closed_Front
NJF Executive chair pale_v2 Closed_Rear
NJF Executive chair pale_v2 Open_Rear LA
NJF - Executive chair_v9
NJF - Executive chair_v10A
NJF Executive chair pale_v3b Open_Side L
NJF - Executive chair_v10B
NJF Executive chair pale_v3a Open_Side L