Neal Jones Collection

"The nature of timber makes every wooden piece unique. No two trees grow with exactly the same pattern of grain or distinguishing characteristics.

"For this reason, all working timber selections are made by a senior designer or artisan, and signed off by the client."

- Neal Jones -


This beautiful humidor in rosewood houses three cigar trays, a slim concealed drawer in the base, and will hold up to 93 cigars. The door features a curved glass pane and a mounted hygrometer. Radially bookmatched panels in a starburst pattern are inlaid into the sides and back, framed with nickel stringing.

The humidor can be used as an upright case - perfect for a shelf or console-top - or a dedicated platform can be added on which the humidor will sit. The optional platform is the perfect way to fully display your humidor and can be affixed to the wall or a pre-existing piece of furniture.

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The Treasure Chest Collection by Neal Jo

Ideal for the more casual cigar enthusiast or for the convenience of a collector, we offer a a personal sized desktop humidor in a variety of materials and embellishments.

Each humidor is trimmed in stainless steel and comes with a lock as standard. The base is protected with a fine felt covering, to protect the humidor and the surface below from scratches and scuffs.

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Cabinet Humidor

This smaller cabinet humidor provides the ideal midway option between a personal desktop humidor and a full sized cabinet. 

Our smaller cabinet humidors are offered with feet, legs, glides or a fabric base (to prevent scuffing), depending on the intended situation and use for your humidor.

This piece is highly customisable and a Neal Jones designer will work with you to finalise an interior and exterior design which best fits your vision and space.

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The Neal Jones Luxury Exec Chair is the pinnacle in comfort and convenience.

Concealed within the base and back are hidden storage compartments, with a compact integrated humidor - the perfect secret stash. Optionally, biometric entry can be added to the base drawer for a further layer of security. 

Upholstered in the finest soft leather, each piece is hand-shaped and stitched by specialist artisans in contrasting thread. The chair is fully tilt and height adjustable, and can be set on feet or glides.

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A Bespoke Pair of Humidors by Neal Jones

The Zenith Humidor is a tall, elegant cabinet, suitable for use as a single piece or a pair. The Zenith is available as a freestanding cabinet or can be fitted.

Each Zenith cabinet can house up to 2,000 cigars. Shown here in American black walnut with sycamore detailing. Double lockable doors feature full length glass panes, so a cigar collection can be viewed.

Each cabinet comes with a full complement of state of the art humification technology and a large soft-close fingergrip drawer for additional items.

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A Bespoke Pair of Humidors by Neal Jones

The Humidor Grande is primarily designed for use on a superyacht, although it can be customised for use elsewhere upon request.

This freestanding humidor cabinet is shown in hand-dyed bookmatched Sycamore in Ocean Storm Blue. The metal inlaid detailing, base and top are shown in hand gilded 22 carat moon or Champagne gold,

The cabinet will hold up to 1,200 cigars and sits on a 316 grade polished stainless steel plinth with concealed integrated deck fixings to keep it secure.

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Office humidor Option A Proposal From Ne

Bespoke design opens up the opportunity to get exactly what you want in terms of aesthetic, functionality and security. It's also your chance to own a truly unique piece.

A Neal Jones designer will work with you to develop your vision and turn it into a reality. We are able to design bespoke pieces from desktop right up to walk-in size. We are also able to integrate humidors into other pieces, such as cellarettes, desks and bookcases. Your imagination is the limit.

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